About Candace Connects

Candace Connects was founded by Candace Kelley the author of The Kelley Log and an Instagram Influencer. Candace started this new adventure based on her audience, mostly made of her peer’s desires, to know more. Questions often stemmed from how to keep up consistent engagement and land brand partnerships.

Candace Connects will help you break down your personal brand’s goals and walk you through them step by step. 

Candace specializes in Instagram and blogging but also has experience with branding on Pinterest and Facebook. She has landed collaborations with brands such as Toms shoes, Eucerin, NYX Cosmetics and more! So whether you would like to start a blog or increase your visibility on Instagram, email Candace or send a direct message via Instagram to set up a free 15 minute session to see how we can connect! 

Email: candan301@gmail.com

DM: @candaceconnects

More about Candace

“She’s so nice and helpful! 

She has strategies for collaborating with companies 

and knows what they’re looking for in a blogger.

 She has worked with many companies, 

so she knows what she’s talking about.” -@fashwin_ (Instagram) 


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