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Favorite Sunday Sales 2/23

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Instagram Outfit Recap (15)

Hello! I hope that everyone had a great Valentine’s Day and are having a nice holiday weekend. Today I’m catching up on my latest outfits posted on Instagram. We recently wrapped up a trip to a ski resort which was so relaxing. Most of these looks are cold weather but I do have a great dress option, my favorite pink polish and more below! (P.s- there are a lot of sales for President’s Day) 
Jacket- I’m really attracted to pastels lately. This jacket is super cozy and layers really well but also great on its own. You can find it here and here. A very similar cozy style here.
Leggings- maternity over the bump style. Similar here.
Boots- soo warm! Perfect for our trip to the mountains. And on sale for under $25 here!
Beanie- similar here 
Another great travel bag option here
Similar suitcasehere.
Long Teddy Coat- sold out but very similar and affordable options: here,here, here. All under $30!
Another option for a matching wristlethere. A beautiful luxury version here
Similar bootshere

Personalized Jewelry Picks with GetNameNecklace

There are so many holidays and special occasions in our lives. One of my favorites that is coming up is Mother’s Day! Ever since I became a mom it has felt even more special. There is nothing more complete than a sentimental gift. It adds so much more meaning to any occasion as well as every day life. 
I have collaborated with GetNameNecklace to share some great and affordable ideas for Mother’s Day, birthdays or just because. Get NameNecklace specializes in personalized jewelry. They produce products ranging from pendants, bracelets, necklace and things in between. Their specialization can be as specific as the correct birthstone in the metal that you want. There are tons and tons of options. Today I am sharing a few pieces in one of my favorite metals; rose gold. You can check out a few of their pieces below:

Personalized Infinity Four Name Family Bracelet in Rose Gold:

You can customize this particular bracelet with one name or up to four all depending on you! It is availabe in 18k…

5 Fun Ways To Treat Yourself This Valentine's Day

It sounds cliche but it's the truth. Self care is the best care. You can't pour from an empty cup. So on and so on... but really. Self care makes the world of difference. Have you ever felt worse after doing something genuine and special for yourself? This post is all about fun ways to take care of or treat yourself this Valentine's Day. Yes, make sure to care for your loved ones but you are also the love of your life!
heart waffle maker | breakfast table | face mask | Epsom salt | lavender candle | love potion candleheart sports bra | heart leggings | heart logo adidas track jacket 

Make yourself breakfast in bed. It doesn't get much better than homemade waffles. Add your favorite fruit, grab a cup of coffee/tea and hop right back in bed. I have this super cute mini waffle maker that makes the perfect single serving. It also comes in one that makes heart shaped waffles found here. And it’s $10. Don't forget the breakfast tray!
Take a long hot bath with all of th…

Instagram Outfit Recap (14)

This week's Instagram recap. If you’re new here, Welcome! This is a round up of the outfits that I post on Instagram, my most active social platform. Below I’ve linked details and/or similar items for everything that I’m wearing. Denim Jacket- I love layering this under coats. It’s amazing all year around. They also last forever and never go out of style! Jacket here.
Maternity leggings as seen a million times. Similar here.
Cropped tophere.
Sneakers- I wear them everywhere. For working out, errands, to add a little pop of color. They are so comfy and stylish. Also come in a ton of super cute colors hereWater Bottle- the best! It doesn’t leak in your purse, fits in cup holders (including the ones at the gym). Exact one here.

You can check out my entire blog post on winter coat picks here for similar coat options.
Turtleneck found here
Matching set sold out. I linked other options here and here.
Handbag- I get some many complements on this bag! It’s affordable and the quality is amaz…

A Simple Way to Pull Together Any Look- Top 5 Winter Coats

Now that we are officially into the very frigid days of winter (the lows have dipped down to the teens here!) it seems fitting to talk about a necessity; winter coats. I love coats because it's basically your outer shell for the next few months if you live in a cold climate. A beautiful coat will elevate any look. It really is the one of the easiest ways to elevate your outfit during the winter. Below I listed some very similar options to the coat that I’m wearing above:

This color is beautiful. There’s something a little different about this particular shade of gray. It's a great option if you love the winter white look that is in right now, but don't want to go that light. The oversized collar is also very chic. It can also be dressed up or down. Found here
The blazer style coat is beautiful and really popular this season. This coat’s silhouette is the closest to the one that I am wearing in the photo above. It has a slight menswear feel that is so classic. Available

Gender Reveal Party- Predictions, Decor + More!

Dress here

It's A Girl!! We hosted our gender reveal over the weekend. We are so excited to have a second child...a girl! Here are the details:

Theme: Baby and Brunch 
When: Sunday at 1pm, the perfect brunch time
Who: A few close friends and family
Location: Our place 
Menu: Waffles (waffle bar with fresh fruit), scrambled eggs, sausage, donut cake, OJ/ Faux-mosas
Predictions: It was about half and half at the party. The guests chose a pink or blue necklace upon arrival. 
The Reveal: Chad and I chose to know what we’re having at the ultrasound appointment. The reveal was for Alora and our friends and family. Alora is so excited for sibling so we wanted to make it special for her. Before we found out, Chad guessed girl. I was team boy. I wanted another girl but this pregnancy was so opposite from my first that I thought it was a boy for sure! It was vise versa with Alora; Chad guessed boy I guessed girl. Either way we would have been happy and thankful. 
Details on where I purchased everyth…