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Spring Beauty Finds on Amazon-Spring Refresh

 All things spring beauty refresh! Here are some of my recent purchases and currently trending. All Beauty Favorites here  (Amazon Affiliate Links) Ilia Mascara | Kosas Eyebrow Pencil | Tower 28 Blush   Headband | Summer Fridays Lip Balm | Nail Glue Nails from imPRESS/CVS (gifted)

Spring/Summer Sandals- See by Chloe Flatform (Wedges) Mini Review

  Shop here I’ve officially owned these See by Chloe Flatforms for an entire season now so I feel like I can give a proper review. Here are a few highlights. Yes, they’re not in season at this moment but trust me, you will be so excited for these when spring rolls around. Fit- they run true to size. The most popular question that I received is if they are hard to walk in. Not at all! But let’s back up. They are a different feeling on the foot if this is your first time wearing a flatform. There is (clearly) no arch so that takes a little bit of adjusting to them. My answer stays the same though, they are not difficult to walk in and are actually quite comfortable. I wore them out with my kids and for a day of errands with no problem. Another added plus is that I did not have to break in. Value-these shoe were seen on bloggers for years. I just purchased mine last year and they’re still one of my most complimented shoes. That says a lot about the value and quality. I will wear the

5 Ways to Plan a Timeless Wedding- Celebrating 10 Years

Wedding Ceremony 6-7-14 This year we are celebrating out 10 year wedding anniversary. I thought it would be fun to share a few tips on how to have a timeless wedding. This thought came up after looking back at our photos and thinking, a lot of the elements in our wedding looks like it could have happened today. First, timeless is very opinion based. What we loved for our wedding may not be your style and that’s ok! I’ll get more into that later. We got married, obviously, before the huge social media boom which probably played a large part in what feels timeless to me. This was before trends and the pushy feel to be perfect in photographs and videos. Here are a few tips that I have to steer away from that: #1 Don’t go too trendy. Read and do your research carefully here. Fun, small details such as your shoes or napkin rings may be a better place to try trends rather than trendy wedding colors which is a large portion of your big day. Think of elements that you love and have not g

Comparing 2 NYX Primers

  Primers here   A few quick thoughts on these two primers. They both work amazing especially for the price. I feel that a huge difference is the texture. It all depends on what you prefer. The marshmallow primer has a bit of a scent and it is a more fluffy texture-creamy. The plumping primer is very serum like. If you’re looking for almost like a skin care feeling primer this would be the one for you. To be completely honest, they both work very similar by preparing your make up to go on so smooth.  These are all of my opinions based on using them for quite some time now. I hope this quick run down helps. This post is currently trending on Pinterest and I wanted to give some quick thoughts behind the photo.  Thanks for reading x I am an Amazon affiliate. Clicking the link to this post may result in commission paid to me.

Beauty Pick to Try This Spring- Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder

Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder  I tried this setting powder as a free gift from Sephora and I never went back!  Here are a few pros and cons. Pros: -Available for many skin tones:I love that there are 3 different powders that stretch between a variety of skin tones. I use the word stretch because even though the shade honey may be a better fit for me, I tried the translucent powder first and it still worked! No super light flash backs or anything. The descriptions says that it works best for skin tones through medium. It definitely had me sold as I was skeptical about  the shade fitting my skin tone at first.  -A little goes a long way. The size pictured is a mini and is lasts FOREVER! -Easy to use: this is my first setting powder that I’ve used and it is super user friendly. It’s really hard to make a mistake because you can use it anywhere on the face. It’s virtually mistake proof. -To state the obvious, it makes your makeup look so beautiful! Gives the pretties

5 Ways to Battle Puffy Under Eyes

Under eye puffiness is an ongoing battle for me, especially since having 2 kids. I’ve found ways to help lessen the appearance and a routine that has actually given me noticeable results. Here are a few things that I include in my routine: 1-  HYDRATE I notice that when I don’t drink as much water, the next day my under eyes are noticeably puffier. I don’t have the exact reasoning for this but I do know that dehydration is a factor in overall appearance especially around the eye area. 2- COLD COMPRESSES  I found a new BFF and it’s a hot/cold eye mask. I apply it whenever I can whether that's before bed for a few minutes or when I wake up. The cold compress really lessens the swelling!  3- UNDER EYE CREAM So this one is interesting and debatable. I’ve actually heard from other ladies that they don’t find it necessary to apply eye cream if you have already have a good moisturizing routine. Honestly, I love the Advanced Night Repair Cream by Estee Lauder that I decided to try on