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Birthday Reward Perks from Retailers

Hi Everyone! I wanted to share a quick post on a few birthday perks from retailers that I received during my birthday month. Shopping does pay (or so I told my husband on my birthday): Starbucks - if you’re a Starbucks rewards member a free drink or food item will be loaded to your account valid on the day of your birthday. I love their iced green tea lemonade! Sephora - their birthday gift (usually) includes travel sized products. This month was a choice between products from Glam Glow or Bite Beauty. I went with Glam Glow and I can’t wait to try them out.  Off Broadway Shoes - I basically got a free pair of shoes (pictured below). If you’re not familiar with this store, it is similar to DSW. Right now they’re running a buy one get one half off sale. I found 2 pairs in the clearance section. PLUS I had my $10 birthday reward. I paid maybe $5 for the second pair of shoes! This never happens. *Nordstrom - so technically they don’t have birthday perks

My End of Summer Bucket List

Stand next to the water one more time - we flew with our daughter to Florida this year. It was her first time on an airplane which was an adventure. We would like to at the beach, lake or even next to the harbor one more time ; preferably somewhere a little closer.  Visit the animals - my daughter is at the age where she loves animals. She’s starting to recognize different animals when we’re out and about. It would be super cute to see them up close at a zoo or petting farm. We visited the aquarium recently and she had a blast. Attend a football game - this is a tradition for my husband and I. We like to attend a pre-season game and try to make it to a regular season game as well. This will hopefully be the very end of summer or early fall. So fun! Have a seafood feast - crab feasts have always been a thing in our family. Buying a ton of crabs and eating them until you explode is a tradition. I would like to do this one more time before they go out of season. Try a r