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The Denim Mini

Mini Skirt | Cardigan | Mules (similar) I have not stopped wearing denim skirts since the weather has warmed up. Here is what there is to love about them: -They can look a little more put together than cut off shorts. Style with a buttoned down cardi like I did  and you’ve polished up your look.  -Wear them all year. I’m not sure if anyone else is like this but I feel more comfortable wearing skirts sooner (without tights) than shorts. Let me know if you’re the same way in the comments.  -They’re easy! Throw on with practically anything and go. -Denim skirts keep reinventing themselves. They come with front zippers, embellishments and even bright neon colors now. I love it! -They don’t go out of style! I’ve had a few of mine for years and I always come back around to them. -The high waist skirt is very forgiving, especially during months that we want to show a little more skin. Let me know what you love about denim minis in the comments below!