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sandals | bag | sweatshirt Hello, it's been a while since my last blog post but I am excited to be back! I just had my second child so I took a little break. On my Insta stories a few days ago, I uploaded a Q&A from you guys. If you missed it here it is! Q: What do you do for postpartum weight loss?   A: I think the biggest factor is how active I was before and during my pregnancy. No diet changes but try to eat healthy-ish; fruits, veggies tons of water. Q: How do you keep your engagement rate up? A: What’s worked for me so far: stay consistent with posting Respond to comments Follow people in niche and have genuine convos Q: How do you find time to make content? A: It’s honestly a lot harder now but I try to plan my posts. Taking a variety of photos has also helped(selifies, car photos etc.) My husband is also a huge help with taking photos and watching the girls. Q: How to land collabs? A : It’s  ok to reach out to companies that you have an interest in in the beg