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Makeup Setting Sprays- Drugstore and High End Brands

Setting Sprays Here Makeup setting sprays are a great way to make sure your makeup lasts through out the day. Two of my personal favorites are the Urban Decay All Nighter with Vit C and NYX Plump Finish .  They are both great for keeping your makeup in place (you can check out my tutorial here) but I love them for different reasons.  I gravitate toward UD All Nighter (higher end brand) for evenings out, special occasions and when I know I’ll take photos/videos. Basically when my makeup needs to be SNATCHED for the night and not budge. NYX is amazing for every day wear and works perfectly fine for setting. In fact, it is comparable to higher end brands. Whatever your budget is, a good setting spray is in reach and a nice way to make sure makeup stays flawless.  *Amazon Affiliate links are included in this post.