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Save or Splurge

Bracelet  Here I personally feel like jewelry is worth the investment. A few pieces will last a lifetime and even into the next couple of generations. Not much beats a quality piece of jewelry. With that being said, sometimes I’m left with items that I thought that I would love but didn’t end up being for me. To prevent the loss, I often opt for a very similar version before making the more expensive plunge. The loss is (clearly) not as great and you can test it out to see if it will be a piece that you’ll love.  It’s also a nice alternative for more trendy pieces. Even though this particular high end jewelry brand makes classic pieces, you can’t deny that you’ve seen this particular style on every bloggers wrist for the past few years. Do you want it because you can’t get it out of your head and looks really pretty on an arm stack, or is it something that you’ll wear for years to come and give to your son or daughter?  If you are in the I’m not sure I’d like to test it out boat, her

Lululemon Hack

Wanted to hop on here and share this hack that I posted on my TikTok! Long story short, I thrifted this Lululemon sports bra and it ended up not fitting. Figured I’d list it  on Poshmark but no tag inside! After some research I found out that the size is inside of the cup (where removable cup is found) How cool is that!  

Favorite Affordable Lipstick/Liner Combo

Found here   If I ever had to choose three make up products, two out of the three would be a lip liner and liquid lipstick/gloss. I’ve been wearing this combination for about a year now and it is beautiful. Not to mention that it will look great on a variety of skin tones. This is actually my only Morphe liquid lipstick that I have tried, but I can’t wait to get around to purchasing more. The formula is kind of ‘liquidy’ if that’s even a word, so a tiny amount goes a very long way. It then dries completely matte so if you’re not a fan of your lipstick drying then being completely being suck there (lol) until you remove it, skip this one. I cannot say enough good things about NYX lip liners. They are affordable, good quality, and there is a shade for everybody. The Morphe lipstick is in the shade True Story and NYX lip liner in Cold Brew. Both together under $15 (and quite often on sale). They’re found here . I am an Amazon and RewardStyle affiliate. This post contains affiliates links.