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I personally feel like jewelry is worth the investment. A few pieces will last a lifetime and even into the next couple of generations. Not much beats a quality piece of jewelry. With that being said, sometimes I’m left with items that I thought that I would love but didn’t end up being for me. To prevent the loss, I often opt for a very similar version before making the more expensive plunge. The loss is (clearly) not as great and you can test it out to see if it will be a piece that you’ll love. 

It’s also a nice alternative for more trendy pieces. Even though this particular high end jewelry brand makes classic pieces, you can’t deny that you’ve seen this particular style on every bloggers wrist for the past few years. Do you want it because you can’t get it out of your head and looks really pretty on an arm stack, or is it something that you’ll wear for years to come and give to your son or daughter?  If you are in the I’m not sure I’d like to test it out boat, here is a great bracelet for under $15.

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