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Spring Haircare- What I’m Loving for Curls

  Shop here It’s time to shed some layers, including those beanies!    Here are just a few of my favorite hair care products that I use to add a shine and strength coming from a brutally dry winter.  First up is the Ouai hair oil. This oil is super versatile. I use it for everything from blowouts to my natural curls. Lately, I use it as the second step in the natural hair girls LOC (leave in, oil, curl cream) method. I combine it with castor oil then comb through every inch of my hair. I also apply it    through out the week when my curls need refreshing. My current bottle is almost empty, which was a travel size to try out. I am definitely purchasing the full-size. This has become a go to for my every day hair routine.  Olaplex No. 3 turns out to be a staple when my hair needs an extra something. This winter was very harsh on my hair and I found that No. 3 helped keep it hydrated and I’ve noticed very little breakage compared to using it before. I use it only on occasion, about ever

Spring Transition Outfit Idea

Outfit Details It is so exciting that the weather is finally starting to break. One of my favorite things to do is dress for the warmer weather. Although the temperatures are rising a little bit, there’s still quite a chill. I recommend layers on layers. So this outfit can easily be dressed up with a blazer and heels for work. Or you can layer a sweatshirt on top of the tank top with these super cute casual sandals for a more laid back look. Here’s to sun sunny days ahead!