Spring Haircare- What I’m Loving for Curls


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It’s time to shed some layers, including those beanies!  Here are just a few of my favorite hair care products that I use to add a shine and strength coming from a brutally dry winter. 

First up is the Ouai hair oil. This oil is super versatile. I use it for everything from blowouts to my natural curls. Lately, I use it as the second step in the natural hair girls LOC (leave in, oil, curl cream) method. I combine it with castor oil then comb through every inch of my hair. I also apply it  through out the week when my curls need refreshing. My current bottle is almost empty, which was a travel size to try out. I am definitely purchasing the full-size. This has become a go to for my every day hair routine. 

Olaplex No. 3 turns out to be a staple when my hair needs an extra something. This winter was very harsh on my hair and I found that No. 3 helped keep it hydrated and I’ve noticed very little breakage compared to using it before. I use it only on occasion, about every three weeks or so. I think it’s worth every penny and is another product that I will be re-purchasing.

I really hope this helps someone whether you’re on a natural hair journey or just looking for a few luxe product recommendations!

Hair after wash + using products mentioned in conjunction with my curly hair routine 

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