5 Christmas Gifts That Will Help Ease You Into 2018

Welcome to The Kelley Log! I am so excited to share my thoughts, lifestyle and a bit of fashion content with you. My very first blog post is about five Christmas gifts that have helped ease me into the rush of 2018. When I say rush I mean recovering from the holidays, the constant thoughts of goal setting, and being a mother overall (which is exhausting in itself). I have used these items multiple times a week and they are useful enough to incorporate into a busy lifestyle.

1.) Kikkerland Copper Head Massager
I'm not sure if I am late to this bandwagon or what, but boy was I missing out. This guy is a great way for me to get that few minutes (or seconds) of TLC whenever and wherever I can. It's also under $5!

2.) TWELEVE NYC Snooze Eye Mask
So I am a big believer in nap when baby naps. During the day this soft eye mask gets me snoozing in no time. It's also pink. Enough said.

3.) Sparrow & Wren Emoji Mug
When I discovered these emoji mugs it was game over. I smile every time I pull it out for my morning tea. What more can you ask for after being woken up at 6 A.M?

4.) 2018 May Designs Folio Planner
One of my goals is to use my planner more often through out the ENTIRE year. I emphasize entire because I am infamous for randomly using my planner a handful of times per year. This pretty planner will hopefully keep me coming back. The organization is also good for a grab and go lifestyle.

5.) As Seen on TV Red Copper Frying Pan
When I received this gift I was a little skeptical. I think we all have that skepticism about those infomercials. Anyway, this single frying pan has changed my life. The main thing is that NOTHING has stuck to it. I've made eggs, grill cheese...some of a skillet's worst nightmares. I have not spent the time trying to scrub off whatever I made while dreading dish duty in itself. I use it all of the time. I love you As Seen on TV Red Copper Frying Pan.

Thanks so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed browsing through these goodies. I have linked everything with the description.

Happy New Year!


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