My Top 5 Nail Polish Colors of 2017

Hi everyone and welcome back! If you follow me on Instagram then you already know that I am a huge fan of nail polish. I love painting my nails as well as getting an occasional manicure. Nail polish can be unique. Maybe you've worn a shade that reminds you of a special occasion. You may also have a polish that you love to wear during your favorite season. I have compiled a list of my top 5 nail polish colors of 2017. I put this list together based on the amount of likes on my Instagram feed. Most of the colors are still available. If they are not then I have noted similar shades in the description. Let's take a look!

1.) Essie- Sand Tropez
I've worn this polish so many times for special occasions. It's also my go to for a quick mani whenever I can squeeze one in. It looks great with just one coat and you can't see chips right away. I also like that this is one of colors that is available to purchase season after season AND you can wear it during any season. I often take this bottle to the nail salon with me just in case I don’t love any of the choices at that time. It's the perfect nude.

2.) Essie- Mademoiselle
A good nude pink is always a win. This one requires a few coats to get the desired look, but when it’s dried it is the most elegant shade! It reminds me of that really pretty crystal pink color that’s sometimes used for French manicures. Only this one is darker so it can be worn alone.

3.) Sally Hansen-Hard to Get
I absolutely love white polish. It looks good on any skin tone and it goes with anything that you’re wearing. I tend to gravitate toward this shade in the hot summer months, but there is nothing wrong with winter white! It dries opaque which is also a plus. I love how bright it is!

4.) Essie- Lady Like
I stumbled across this shade by mistake. I was in a rush to find my go-to 'Sand Tropez' in CVS and grabbed this one by accident. It was the best $8 oops that I’ve ever made. It has hints of purple and pink with a nude undertone so it can defiantly be pulled off as a neutral. Lady Like reminds me of the color 'mink' for reference.

5.) Revlon - Apricot Nectar
This is one of the older colors that I own. I'm pretty sure I got it on a whim on clearance. A good peach color reminds me of the beach. Maybe because most of the peach nail polish colors that I’ve seen are that beautiful neon, perfect sandal weather color. A similar shade is China Glaze 'Son of a Peach.' It’s gorgeous!

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you have a great week!


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