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Happy Monday! Today's post is all about fashion essentials. I live a causal lifestyle and my sense of style reflects that. I am pretty much always on the go so I need my staple pieces that I can count on and run out of the door. At the same time I love feeling and looking put together. I like that extra accessory to elevate my outfit just a bit. I have complied a list of both clothing and accessories for the busy stay at home mom or working women on the weekends (and everyone in between). I hope you enjoy my picks!

The Tee

I love a good t-shirt. It is my #1 go to item. During the winter I tend to gravitate toward long sleeved crew necks. Because t-shirts are rather, well, basic I look for a subtle twist. A cut out in the shoulders, ruching detail or a luxurious fabric are all great options. Solid colors such as navy, gray and black go with absolutely everything. A good tee can be dressed up or down with adding or taking away accessories.

Patterned Scarf

A scarf will completely elevate an outfit. I would say that this is my number one accessory during chilly months. It's rare that you will catch me without one. I love a good pattern such as leopard or anything abstract. Fabrics such as cashmere or wool/silk blends add a lush look and feel.

Skinny Jeans

This is a no brainer for me but can be kind of controversial. Not everyone loves skin tight jeans. Over the years I have learned to splurge a little more on jeans. Here's why. The quality of higher end jeans is impeccable. They are buttery soft and tend to have the perfect amount of stretch. A good pair of denim will last forever if you take care of them. Learning what works for your body type is they key. Not all high end jeans are equal. I have found that Hudson fit me like a glove. They have inseams for petite frames and their soft fabric basically feels like second skin. I haven't turned back since.


A good pair of booties brings an outfit to life. I am all about shoes and these were number on my list to purchase this past fall into winter. Booties go with everything and there are a ton of options! I would suggest a manageable heel to accommodate your life style. Trust me, those 4 inch booties look so good on display, but I will never wear them to my daughter's gymnastics class.

Simple Gold Jewelry

A few years ago I began investing in real jewelry versus costume jewelry. Don't get me wrong, I love a good cocktail ring, but there's something about the perfect piece that you never have to take off. I am an earring girl so a good pair of studs was one of my first purchases. I love the thought of passing jewelry down to my daughter. Go with what you'll wear every day whether is a beautiful necklace or a classic ring.

Oversized Sweater

When I find that perfect not too big, not to snug sweater I grab it and never look back. This winter has been all about oversized sweaters and for a good reason. If you're a leggings girl a good sweater is perfect. If you're into denim then tuck your sweater in to your jeans and viola! A below the waist (not cropped) option is flattering on just about everyone.

Crossbody Bag

As a mom I consider a crossbody bag an essential. It is small enough carry what you need for weekend errands or mom's day out. At the same time you can tuck it right in that baby bag! I like to keep my items separated when I have the baby bag so that I can find things easily. This is the perfect way to do that.

Matching Socks

Ok so this one might seem kind of strange but hear me out. So let's rewind to those perfect booties that you have. When you sit down, wherever you are, what is peeking out? Your socks! I love matching my socks to my outfits to instantly feel more put together. I can't count how many times I've received compliments on my patterned socks. They're a must! (tip: don't have time to find those matching socks before running out the door? Keep a pair in your shoes so that they're ready to go!)


Don't feel like getting dressed at all today? A tailored sweatshirt does the trick! To feel like I'm not in lounge wear I love one that is fitted or has some type of detail. Cut out details can be found all over now!

Leather Jacket

Last but certainly not least is the leather jacket. I like faux leather for my budget. There are some amazing quality ones now! I found my favorite one at American Eagle (on clearance!) 4 years ago and it's still going strong. It also looks great layered under your coat for the frigid winter months.

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