Valentines Day Gift Guide for Men + Children

Happy Monday everyone! This week I complied a Valentine's Day gift guide for the men and children in your life. It's a time that I really like to think outside of the box and gift the unexpected. Valentine's Day can be fun for everyone, filled with family and love.

 For the Man in Your Life

A gift card for this favorite "thing." This seems like a no brainer but when was the last time you actually listened to his story about his xbox game? You can show that you really do care with something like a Microsoft Xbox gift card. Plus he can use it for movies, music and more. So he's not a gamer? Try his favorite activity to do (go to the movies, bowling etc.) 
A chic razor. As women we love to pamper ourselves with the best beauty, skincare, you name it. Let's take care of the guys this holiday. A razor set would be something unexpected and useful at the same time. There are some very cool options in different price ranges. 

Novelty boxers are pretty common and there are some good ones out there this year! Choose one that speaks to his personality. He will definitely get a kick out of them and wear them year around.

 ➸ When I saw this hoodie it immediately caught my eye! It is a great layering piece and reminds me of the guy who loves to be near the beach, out fishing or on a boat (let's give him spring and summer vibes). I teamed up with the brand Mick + Kip for this effortlessly cool piece. 

Nothing says I love you quite like jewelry. A quality watch is timeless and sophisticated. The time and effort that it takes to pick out the perfect piece for him says so much in itself. There are some really nice options out there that won't break the bank.

For the Kiddos

➸ If your child (or niece, nephew etc.) is in school he or she will love these super cute Valentine's Day mailboxes. They’re also adorable enough to keep around the house and decorate their bedroom with. It will be a blast to put them together with the little one as well!
➸ I stumbled across the CUTEST Valentine's Day Lego sets! They can continue to play with them after the holiday which is a plus. They’re also very affordable.

How much would a date night with the kids make them feel special? Shoot for a (obviously) kid friendly restaurant or (takes deep breath) a place like Chuck E. Cheese. Handing your child his or her very first gift card would be super rememberable!

I am so excited to partner with Amazon to share many of the items above through my Amazon Affiliate page! Thank you so much for reading. I hope this gave you a few ideas. Please don't forget to subscribe. Have a great week!


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