This Month's Sale Find + How- Adidas Sneakers

Happy Monday! So it's no secret that I'm a shopper. This week's post is on my sale find for the month and how I find name brand items for cheap in general. It is rare that I purchase full priced items. I also have some secrets on how I shop for brand new luxury items for less. If you enjoy this post and interested let me know in the comments, twitter @ckellsc or instagram @candace_kell.

This month I found the cutest sneakers. I go through phases where I wear sneakers non stop. Comfort is also key when you're a mom. I scored these Adidas black and gold Tubular Shadow sneakers for under $40! So here are a few things that I look for when it comes to sneaker (or pretty much any) deals.

Stalk what you're looking for

I've eyed this style of sneaker for a long time but I am cheap with certain things so I needed to stay within my budget. There are a ton of super cute colors but when I stumbled upon these I couldn't pass them up. They are a great neutral for my wardrobe and although unique they have a classic style that Adidas is great at. So save what you love and go back to it here and there to check in and see if they go on sale.

 Shop on the brand's main site

I feel like I've gotten away from this over the years because I love big department stores. You'll be surprised by what hidden gems that you can find on, for example, the Adidas website. They often run sales and have clearance promotions that are exclusive to their website.

Ask for promos and coupons (in store)

If shopping in store ask at check out if they have ads or coupons that you may have missed. Some department stores keep coupons at the register out for customer use. I can't count how many times I misplaced my coupon or forgot to check the ad and this has helped save a few bucks!

Google coupons + look for cash back 

I'm sure this a no brainer but check whatever website that you're shopping through for coupons as well as third party sites. I love I feel like they always have a coupon for what I am looking for. Also if you haven't gotten on the ebates bandwagon then you're missing out. I have earned some pretty good amounts back and it adds up!

Shop the kids section (if you can)

Kids usually go up to a women's size 8.5. I would highly recommend this for cheaper sneakers if you don't do this already. You can usually find similar if not the same styles in kids sizes as you can in women's. It can be hit or miss though. If you can, try the sneaker on in store to get a overall idea of your kids size. It's great way to save!

Here they are in a ton of colors. They're no longer on sale but keep an eye out!  Adidas Tubular Shadow 

I hope you found these tips useful. Thanks for reading and have a great week!


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