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My Mother's Day Wishlist + Gift Ideas

I can’t believe how quickly May as snuck up on us! Mother's Day is now right around the corner. Here are a few items that are on my wishlist right now (casually texts hubby my blog website address...), but first and foremost there is nothing in this world that I want more than to spend time with my family. Mother's Day isn't about what you receive or the price of the gift that you give. Let's continue to spread the love so that we have happy, healthy daughters who have a lot to give to the world as our mothers did for us. I also wanted to dub this collection as a few gifting ideas. Everything is linked below. Hope you enjoy! Candace *This post is a part of ShopStyle Collective, an affiliate program that works with bloggers to receive commission through the linked items. 

Shopping for Off-Season Items to Save Big

Happy Monday! This post is all about shopping for [primarily] clothing items that are no longer in season. Let's get right into it. I love shopping for items that are off-season. For example, if I see a pair of knee high boots on super clearance that I love in the middle of July—they’re mine. How about those killer sandals with snow on the ground? Yes, please! I haven’t always been like that though. I use to have an issue with justifying something like a leather jacket in the summer. One, because I couldn’t wear it right away. Two, I could use that money for a super cute bikini right? Yes and yes, but I’ve learned that the pros out-weigh the cons. I often find off-season items that are marked down AND are amazing quality. I’m talking real leather, name brand, cashmere whatever. Items that will last you for more than just a season. I like to browse fairly often and grab it while it’s there because it won’t be a few months down the road when I'm ready to use it. I’ve als

Review- Ulta Strawberry Scented Nail Polish Remover

Happy Monday! This is a quick review on probably one of the best nail polish removers that I’ve used so far. The warmer weather calls for those beautiful bright colors. Taking them off can be a bit of a hassle if you have to do some serious rubbing (glitter polish comes to mind) though. Stained nails also come with the territory sometimes. I’ve been using Ulta’s strawberry scented regular nail polish remover. I love it for a few reasons: It takes off dark and bright colored nail polishes flawlessly . I am guilty of not always using a base coat. Sometimes I honesty don’t have the time to let that extra layer dry. This is so good about taking off as much polish as a remover probably could. My nails are also slightly stained sometimes from brighter/darker colors. I’ve noticed that if I go back over my nails one more time with this after fully taking off the polish then the staining is much less noticeable.  After removing OPI's Shorts Story (a bright pink shade)

The Perfect Mom-Not So Mom Jeans

Gap Super High Rise Jeans   Happy Monday! This week's post is on the most perfect jeans. Let's get right into it. Here's why: They fit like a glove High waisted jeans can be so flattering, if you find the right fit for you. These Gap Super High Rise Jeans   suck you in at all of the perfect places. I love that they conceal my (mom) tummy. They also have a great pocket to butt ratio that somehow hits in the perfect spot. They lift you up quite well back there. The stretchy fabric is so forgiving and comfortable.  Let's also talk about the distressing. The cut off bottoms totally elongates the leg. They are naturally cropped so petite girls don't have to worry about that awkward hit blow the ankle look.                   The price I've eyed a very similar pair by Madewell for a long time. I could not swallow the price though. These are about half of the price originally AND right now they're on sale!! As far as the size , I would s

The Four Year Old Dress + $9 Shoes- Easter Brunch Look

Hi Everyone! Today's post is about my Easter brunch look and how you don't have to spend a ton to put together an outfit for any occasion. This outfit is great for church, future brunches or even a spring wedding. I wore a dress that I've had for years and found shoes for $9! Check out the story behind both below. The Dress- I wore this dress FOUR years ago for my bridal shower. I remember showing up to my mom’s place in this beautiful pop of coral feeling so special. It was an amazing day. I didn’t spend any more than like $20 on it from Asos because I thought that I’d only wear it once. Nonetheless it holds such a special place. It sat in my closet for literally years because I just never really had a reason to wear it again... I’m generally pretty boring when it comes to the colors that I wear. A little bit before Easter I was done with putting together my daughter's outfit and was on to mine. I always raid my closet before buying things like dresses because