Review- Ulta Strawberry Scented Nail Polish Remover

Happy Monday! This is a quick review on probably one of the best nail polish removers that I’ve used so far. The warmer weather calls for those beautiful bright colors. Taking them off can be a bit of a hassle if you have to do some serious rubbing (glitter polish comes to mind) though. Stained nails also come with the territory sometimes. I’ve been using Ulta’s strawberry scented regular nail polish remover. I love it for a few reasons:

It takes off dark and bright colored nail polishes flawlessly. I am guilty of not always using a base coat. Sometimes I honesty don’t have the time to let that extra layer dry. This is so good about taking off as much polish as a remover probably could. My nails are also slightly stained sometimes from brighter/darker colors. I’ve noticed that if I go back over my nails one more time with this after fully taking off the polish then the staining is much less noticeable. 

After removing OPI's Shorts Story (a bright pink shade)

Ulta made this one strawberry scented. I found that it helps cut down the strong odor of the remover. Don’t make the mistake and sniff the remover looking for the smell of fresh strawberries like I did. Inside of the bottle smells of normal remover. BUT, when applied to your nails it leaves a more delicate scent behind rather than the harsh chemical smell. I really love that about it!

The price is right on target. At $2.99 you can get a high quality remover at a drugstore price. Ulta usually has great coupons for their house brand items as well.

It is so pretty! The pink and cursive writing caught my eye right away. It actually looks nice sitting out in the bathroom. Love beauty items that can dub as accents if you forget to put it away! 

The Ulta Strawberry Scented Regular Nail Polish Remover can be found in stores. 

Let me know what your favorite brand of nail polish remover is in the comments. I’m always looking for nail care products to try out. Thanks for reading and have a great week! 


This post was not sponsored. These opinions are my own.

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