The Four Year Old Dress + $9 Shoes- Easter Brunch Look

Hi Everyone! Today's post is about my Easter brunch look and how you don't have to spend a ton to put together an outfit for any occasion. This outfit is great for church, future brunches or even a spring wedding. I wore a dress that I've had for years and found shoes for $9! Check out the story behind both below.

The Dress-
I wore this dress FOUR years ago for my bridal shower. I remember showing up to my mom’s place in this beautiful pop of coral feeling so special. It was an amazing day. I didn’t spend any more than like $20 on it from Asos because I thought that I’d only wear it once. Nonetheless it holds such a special place. It sat in my closet for literally years because I just never really had a reason to wear it again... I’m generally pretty boring when it comes to the colors that I wear. A little bit before Easter I was done with putting together my daughter's outfit and was on to mine. I always raid my closet before buying things like dresses because they don’t get a ton of use from me. That’s when I saw it. The four year old bright coral dress. I fell in love again. It had a few loose threads (I mean, four year old Asos dress...) and what looked like a drink stain (that party life back then) but it still brightened up my mood. I ran it to the cleaners and picked it up a few days later. It looked brand new! The dress was perfect for the special Easter Day with my family. I’m so glad that I never parted with it and love how overly sentimental I am with like, everything.

At my bridal shower in 2014!

The Shoes- 
By now you know that I’m a bargain shopper with a lot of items. Ross and TJ Maxx stores are my guilty pleasures. Right before Easter I had an hour of my ‘mom time’ and decided to browse around. I ran to Ross not expecting to find much or...hoping to not find much. I went to the shoe department first because, obviously. I couldn’t believe what I laid eyes on. The perfect nude/pink, suede, lace up, closed toe, low heel pump (pretty much everything that I live for) for $8.99! I had to double check my reality because this wasn’t happening. I literally stood there dumbfounded for like 10 minutes looking for the flaws. There were none! I held them like a baby as I went to the register. I tried them on with the bright coral dress and viola! They were the best find for the occasion.

The full look on Easter Day


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