Refresh Your Summer Wardrobe with What You Have

Hi Everyone! This week’s post is on updating your looks with what you already have. Here are a few tips:
This is a no brainer but another way to have fun with what you already own. One of my favorite accessories is bracelets. Stack unexpected bracelets together for a cool look. Also, try layering necklaces and mixing metals.

Shop Your Closet
Shopping your closet is just as fun as shopping. Look at how you can style pieces differently from how you usually wear them. I like doing things like wearing a tunic as a dress when the weather is warmer. I also like tying flannels around my waist with shorts. How about your favorite scarf? Take it with you to the chilly movies or restaurant and wear it as a wrap. There are a ton of ways to repurpose!

Look For Inspo
This goes along with shopping your closet. One great way to look for inspo is on Pintrest. I actually have a board titled “Wearable Fashion.” Here I save photos of items that I own or that are similar to the items in the photos. This gives me ideas on how to style them different ways.

You can see where I got the inspo for this outfit here on Pintrest. I've had these items in my closet for forever!

I love altering clothes. It makes the clothing item so personal to you regardless of who else owns it. One of my favorite things to alter are dresses. It is very rare that I find a dress off of the rack that fits me well. That is why I own so few, but when I find one that I love it is going to the tailor. I've also done things such as change the length of skirts like here:
Believe it or not this skirt used to be midi length and hit me at an usual spot. So I had it hemmed! My next project is to have a zipper added to a dress that I love but cannot stand putting on. I have to pull it over my head every time which is annoying but I can't part with it. I hope this gave you some ideas to refresh your wardrobe a bit. Enjoy shopping your closet!


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