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Hi everyone! This week’s post is a quick Q + A. A few weeks ago on my Instagram stories I asked you guys for questions that you may have about blogging, fashion or anything really. I am not an expert on any of these topics. I did this in hopes to encourage other new bloggers like myself or those who might be thinking about starting a blog. I hope that you find it helpful. 

How did you start your blog?
I’ve actually blogged for a long time but never really put it out there in the open. It was something that I did for fun on a lesser known site. One day I googled 'blogging platforms' and from there I became a little more serious about it. It took some courage for me to decide to share what I write, but I'm happy that I did. 

What blogging platform do you use? 

Did you have to buy a theme for your blog?
I did not. I used a pre-uploaded one then did quite a bit of tweaking from there. It was time consuming but I like that it's customized. In the future I probably will purchase one though.

Who takes your photos?
I ask anyone that I am with that day. It’s usually my husband but I’ve had my mother and brother take photos also. 

Where do you shop the most?
Probably Target because I go there for everything. H&M is a close second.

Where did you get your pineapple skirt? 
I found it from Saks off 5th a few months ago when it was freezing cold. I was so excited about it and could not wait to wear it in warmer weather (the pineapple skirt is pictured here).

Who is your favorite blogger to follow?
I love @hellofashionblog. I've followed her forever. She's a great example for women/girls of all ages.

What is your hair care routine?
I am absolutely terrible at doing hair. It is not my strong point at all. I make sure to budget the salon about twice a month. I'm currently experimenting with products in between salon visits to see what's right for me. Right now I am liking the Cantu line. 

Thank you so much to those who contributed to my blog post for this week! 

C. Kelley 

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