Summer Favorites Roundup

Hello Everyone! To help wrap up the season, I did a quick round up of my favorite summer purchases. I basically wore all of these items to death. I hope you enjoy!

Black Denim Mini- Literally perfection right out of the package. I snagged this during the Nordstrom anniversary sale before it sold out. It’s also going to be a great transition piece.

Flower Wrap Dress- This should not come as a surprise if you follow me on Instagram.
I could not stop wearing this dress (and will continue to wear it through the fall). It was one of those items that made me feel super feminine and pretty. 

Target White V-Neck- Seriously the perfect tee. They’re soft and comfy and actually wash very well. I have them by the brand A New Day and Universal Thread. They’re both great!

Tory Burch Miller Sandal- These are seen everywhere and for a good reason. They’re so comfy and stylish! They instantly dress up a casual outfit. I can wear them for hours with no problem. Defiantly was my go to summer sandal.

Michael Kors Pink Pom Pom- This was basically glued to my DA speedy. I literally never took it off. It’s the cutest accessory.       
Target Denim Shorts- I am a denim cut off girl. I practically live in them during the summer. These were a steal and have the perfect amount of distressing and stretch!
Nadri Hoop Earrings- These are the best! For costume jewelry the quality is amazing. I wore them with dresses and denim. Also a Nordstrom anniversary sale steal, they’ve been my go to earrings. I have sensitive ears and these don’t irritate them at all! 

Thank you so much for reading! If you’re interested in any of these items you can shop my looks on the blog’s home page.

C. Kelley 

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