7 Things That I've Learned This Past Year + My Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale Must-Haves (Basics)

7 Things That I've Learned This Past Year

Go all in-
Once I’ve made a decision to do something... I went hard at it. Of course there’s always fear of the unknown but once I got past that there really was no greater feeling than giving something my best. 

Make a judgment based off my own thoughts and feelings- 
I’ve gotten better at listening to own intuition and that was a game changer! Of course I have those close to me that I go to for advice but ultimately I’m the final decision maker.

Tap into my creative side when I feel bored or anxious-
It may might be writing, activities with my daughter, styling clothes in my closet, taking photos...whatever... I’ve found that it helps! 

It’s ok to outgrow people!

Keep my family the closest to me before anything-
My husband and daughter are my world and I've learned that balance is key. 

I am more than a stay at home home-
The transition to becoming a stay at home mom was not easy for me. The title itself also carries a lot of judgment (good and bad) as well as preconceived notions. Blogging has led me to an entirely different part of myself that I didn’t know that I had- even before becoming a mom. I love it! 

Relax!!- Everything will be ok 😊

My Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale Must-Haves (Basics)

I love to stock up on basics during this time of year; particularly tees.

I bought 2 short-sleeved white v-necks (which I tend to get a lot of questions about) and 2 black v-necks. I grabbed long-sleeved crew necks in black and gray. I went TTS for the perfect relaxed fit. Both styles are linked below. They’re limited color and sizes right now but keep checking back because different sizes/colors often pop back up! 

Happy New Year!!

C. Kelley

*My picks are powered through ShopStyle Collective. I receive commission through affiliate links. 

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