Winter Getaway Recap

I wanted to share a quick recap of our winter getaway because I think it will become a regular mini vacation for us! 

Liberty Mountain Resort is located right across the Pennsylvania line. We live in Frederick, Maryland and it took us about 40 minutes to get there. This is the first thing that we loved. The most care free travel experience of all time. No stopping to give our daughter (who is 2) a break. A straight shot there and back. 

Family friendly was another highlight. Our daughter had a blast because she could be the little independent person that she wanted to be. There was snow tubing for ages 2+, ice skating, an indoor pool as well as a mini arcade. Restaurants were also on site. There was basically something for everyone. My husband enjoyed tubing and HBO (lol). Our daughter basically loved that she could do whatever we were doing. As for me, I loved the scenery, indoor pool and spa services. But the best and most relaxing aspect of them all was how relaxed our daughter was the entire time! From the way there to the way back. No melt downs, she slept like a champ and it was just obvious that she had a great time. We all did! 

A few more pros:
-The staff was so friendly and accommodating
-Pretty much everything that you needed was on site
-Great food (free breakfast always a plus)
-Obvious updates and hotel renovations 

Only a few cons:
-It did get pricey. We had a mini refrigerator where we stored snacks so that was nice, but we basically ate out the few days that we were there
-Risk getting stuck. It actually snowed on the way there and back. That was a risk that we were willing to take; having to cancel or extend our trip. Everything ended up workout out just fine though 
-We will stay in the newer lodge next time although the room that we had was just fine

Here’s to great winter memories ❄️

C. Kelley

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