Tory Burch Miller Sandals- Review/ Wear and Tear

Arguably the most popular sandal on Instagram, the Tory Burch Miller Sandal. I decided to give my review on them because they are my most complimented sandals as well as the shoes that I receive the most questions about. Here are my honest thoughts:

Probably what halts most from immediately grabbing them without a second thought. The $200 price tag. Even though I love these shoes to pieces, I would defiantly recommend finding them on sale. I find the price a little steep for seasonal shoes. The good things is that they often go on sale. Check out the Tory Burch website, Nordstrom and Bloomingdales from time to time. You will defiantly be able to snag a pair on sale if you keep an eye out. 

Before I bought mine I checked out reviews to see what others said about sizing. Many said that they ran small so I sized up half a size. I would disagree and say that they are true to size. Mine ended up being a tad too long with sizing up. 

I chose the color 'bleach' and I absolutely love them! I was hesitant to purchase a light color but they still look good as the color is concerned. No issues with a ton of dirt showing or color transfer. They go with everything! There are a ton of color choices to suit just about everyone. 

Wear and Tear:
This is the area that I am a little disappointed in and why I say find them on sale. I purchased mine last year and there are areas that look pretty worn. In particular the leather on the front of the shoe is beginning to peel (see photos below). I have other leather sandals that I’ve worn everywhere for years and don’t have this issue. The soles are also thinning out some.

For a sleek sandal they surprising have plenty of padding in the footbed which make them wearable for extended periods of time. I’ve worn them all day before with no problems. 

My overall review:
9/10. Minus 1 point for wear/tear and price. In concern to style, comfort and the variety of colors that they come in they are a beautiful warm weather shoe.

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