OOTD-Cozy Layers for Cold Weather

The temperature here in Maryland has dropped dramatically (...like the high was about 30 degrees Fahrenheit) aka cozy layers season. I love dressing in layers more often than maybe two thick pieces. Here’s why:

-Flexibility. Wherever you are headed inside won’t be as cold as it is outside. It’s easy to find your comfort level with a tee and cardigan versus a large chunky sweater (trust me, I have nothing against chunky sweaters though!). Take off your coat and you’re good to go. Still warm? Remove your cardigan and show off that cute long sleeve.

-Comfort. You’re probably more likely to find your comfy temperature in layers. Going along with flexibility; remove layers, add layers depending on where you are through out the day!

-Versatility. I am all about getting extra miles out of clothes. Stack your layers in different ways. Wore a tee under a cardigan that no one really saw? Wear it that week under a cute vest! I do this all of the time. 

Here is what I am wearing in the photos:

1. Lightweight tank. I love these for basically every season.
2. Thermal long sleeve. The most comfy ones here.
3. Colorblock cardigan. Similar here and here.
4. Wool coat. Similar here and here.
5. Shoes
6. I had on a scarf but got too hot so I took it off (perfect example of points above :) ). Some of my favorites scarves here, here and here

Here’s to staying cute and cozy!

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