20 Weeks Pregnancy Update

I haven’t shared much about my pregnancy so far so I thought that it would be fun to do a 20 week bump update. I cannot believe that I’m half way there already!

How I'm Feeling:
I fell SO much better than my first trimester. I had morning sickness and fatigue pretty bad this pregnancy (hardly any with my first). Now I have much more energy and I am always hungry. Feelings wise I have a lot of anticipation! I am excited to have a second child. Anxious when I think about that fact that I’m halfway there. Also very anxious and extended to find out what we are having!

Weight Gain
I’ve gain about 12 lbs. from my last visit (a little less than 2 weeks ago). Last pregnancy I really packed on the pounds in the third trimester. 

 All I want is pizza! I still have some food aversions so I stick with what I really want and know that I can eat.

 I’ve noticed movement for about the last three weeks. Initially they felt like a little fish swimming around. They’re definitely stronger now but no kicks or punches yet.

 We find out the gender on January 7, 2020! So excited!

 If it is a boy we will have a Chad Jr. (my husband). Everyone has strong opinions about girl names so we haven’t came up with much of anything just yet.

 I walk so much! Like miles every week and it makes me feel really good. I've (stationary) biked a handful of times. I would like to do more of that this year. Pre-pregnancy I was an avid runner but I have not felt comfortable running yet. We will see if I pick it back up during my pregnancy or wait until postpartum.

Maternity Clothes
I live in leggings. I have not purchased a ton of maternity clothes so far though (just a few bottoms). Overall I’m sizing up. I do see maternity tops in my very near future as my belly is growing fast!

Pregnancy Must Haves: 
-Maternity leggings
-Target brand pre-natals. They don't make me feel nauseous at all.
-This stretch mark lotion. Used my last pregnancy and it was amazing.
-Cozy socks
-A ton of lounge wear and PJs. My favorites here and here.
-Living in sneakers. Just got this cute leopard pair for Christmas (pictured above).
-Baby Aquphor for lips and hands
-This concealer is a must have for those sleepless nights. It’s also under $10
-I live in these lounge bralettes. They're the comfiest.

Thanks so much for reading! Here's to a great year.


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