5 Fun Ways To Treat Yourself This Valentine's Day

It sounds cliche but it's the truth. Self care is the best care. You can't pour from an empty cup. So on and so on... but really. Self care makes the world of difference. Have you ever felt worse after doing something genuine and special for yourself? This post is all about fun ways to take care of or treat yourself this Valentine's Day. Yes, make sure to care for your loved ones but you are also the love of your life!

Make yourself breakfast in bed. It doesn't get much better than homemade waffles. Add your favorite fruit, grab a cup of coffee/tea and hop right back in bed. I have this super cute mini waffle maker that makes the perfect single serving. It also comes in one that makes heart shaped waffles found here. And it’s $10. Don't forget the breakfast tray!

Take a long hot bath with all of the extras. I’m talking with a face mask on, bubble bath, candles lit. The whole 9 yards. My favorite face mask is by Mario Badescu found here. It’s affordable and gentle on the skin. A great addition to your bath is this Epsom salt. It’s lavender scented and the most relaxing thing ever. There’s also a coconut oil version here! Another must have is candles. You can find great affordable ones from somewhere like Target such as this Lavender scented one or splurge a little and treat yourself to a limited edition Valentine’s Day version in “Love Potion" found here.

Go to the gym. Ok, so doesn’t sound very fun. BUT how about making it fun. Treat yourself to an adorable novelty gym bra or pair of leggings (which can be worn way after VDay is over!). A great way to motivate yourself. Plus you’ll feel so much better after hitting the gym with more energy for your Valentine’s evening plans. I love this cute sports bra and these leggings. They make an adorable set (plus the bra adds a little something fun under your outfit). Adidas has a cute heart jacket found here that matches perfectly with the work out set. It comes in black and pink. 

Get a facial, massage or mani/pedi. A great time to treat yourself to one. I love going with a mani/pedi in a festive color like baby pink or red, but I skip the extra decals and designs so that I can rock it for longer. Extra fun, grab your bestie and make a day out of it!

Don’t forget your chocolate and flowers! To yourself, from yourself. Go to your local Trader Joe's and pick out your favorite assortment. After, take a ride to a local candy shop and pick out a few gourmet chocolate pieces! Chocolate not really your thing? Opt for you favorite Starbucks drink.

I hope you found this post inspirational or helpful in some way. Here's to celebrating ourselves!


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