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8 Products That Made Me Feel Excited About Beauty Again

Hello! So I go through phases where I stop trying out new makeup/skincare and just use my holy grails. Then there are times when I get that makeup itch and cannot stop buying it! Right now I am in the phase of being super excited to try new things. I’ve been experimenting with different products for the last few months. Below are the 8 products that made me feel excited about beauty again!  They include makeup, skincare and even a deodorant that I’m loving: Worn above:  NARS Multiple Stick  |  NARS Lipgloss  Both in Orgasm  (Left to Right) Mac Semi-Sweet Palette | NARS Lipgloss | Schmidt's Aluminum- Free Deodorant  MAC Lustre Lipstick |  NARS Multiple Stick | Loreal Matte Lipstick     Clinique All About Eyes Cream | Covergirl Highlighter  | Make Up Bag from Amazon Pack of 20 Hair Clips  ($5!) 1. NARS Multiple Stick - one of my first NARS products. I have this one in Orgasm which is a great color for a lot of different complexions. I'

Stay at Home- The Cutest Mugs

Can one really have too many mugs? Asking for a friend…Now that I'm home a lot more I find myself constantly with a mug in my hand. I ran past these adorable ones while browsing and I thought that it would be a lot of fun to do a quick round up. These pretty florals, pastels and everything in between are the perfect way to add a little something to your day. The pink links below will take you to each mug. (Clockwise) Spotted Face | Insects | Gold Leaf | Pink Flowers (with lemon) |  Pink, Spotted Assortment | Black\/White, Gold Assortment |  Monogram Florals | 'Mine' | Pink Face   Take care, Candace  * **Links powered by Shop style Collective. I receive commission through links clicked.   Thanks so much for reading!

Instagram Outfit Recap (16)

Hello! I hope everyone is doing well. I haven’t post an outfit recap in a while. They’re centered around being super comfy while at home. You can check out details below. Distressed Tee | Stud Sandals | Bike Shorts  | Gold Necklace Distressed Tee - my absolute favorite right now. The perfect oversized fit and the distressed, rugged look adds a really cool laid back vibe to a regular tee. Comes in various colors here .  Stud Sandals - if you're into the clear trend right now you have to check these out. I love these because they are gorgeous but also have a really nice padded footbed they're also really affordable right around $40 from Amazon! Bike shorts here , chunky gold necklace here . Close up of sandals worn above Vineyard Vines Zip -I grabbed this one at Target when they had their collaboration and it is the prettiest pink. Similar here . Tie Dye Tee $8! Found here Chunky Chain Necklace - absolutely loving this gold, chunky necklace tre