10 Tips for Working from Home

       We're in a time where things are changing and evolving. One of which is working from home. I've worked from home for a few years now after leaving my full-time job. It was like starting over. Now I have a great routine and here's what has helped:

-Wake up early (similar time you’d arrive to work). Even if you are the most productive person at night, there's something fulfilling about having a morning routine down. Even if that's just sipping your coffee until you're fully awake. It gets you going.

-Get dressed. There are different degrees of this depending on how you feel honestly, and that's ok! Getting dressed may mean simply brushing teeth washing your face one day to a full blown ready for an office meeting type of look the next day. Just do something every day. 

-Eat breakfast. They don't say that it's the most important meal of the day for no reason. It literally gets the brain juices flowing. 

-Have a plan for the day. This can be the same overall routine but don't forget to add tasks for that specific day. I love writing to-do lists the night before. I also use my cell phone as a back up with alerts. I love my planner but to be honest sometimes I don't get to look at it every day. So quick notes help. 

-Do an activity with children first to set them up for the day before working. This helps with my toddler because we've spent some quality time in the morning then she's more likely to play independently for a while. 

-Break tasks in smaller parts. 1, 2, 3 steps are my best friend. If I have a project due I write the steps down in order then cross them off as I get to them. I usually start early to give myself more time. 

-Take breaks to eat and make sure to get out for fresh air.

-Set an end time to your day and stick to it. It goes along with routine. It also gives your mind a much needed break until the next day.

-Drink a lot of water; the best brain fuel.

-Let sunlight in. Also have inspo at your work area. Fresh flowers are always amazing but kind of hard to get to right now. I still have my Venus et Fleur forever flowers and they really do last FOREVER. Also think inspirational prints, photos, cute stationary that you can't wait to use!

I hope that some of these tips were helpful during this tough time. Take care and stay safe.



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