Top 5 Handbag Picks

Hello! I hope everyone is having a good start to the new year. On my Instagram stories I did a poll asking if you guys would like to see my top 5 handbag picks. 100% said yes so here we are. I’ll talk a little bit about each one in this post. I don’t own a lot of handbags but I feel like I have a collection that I absolutely love. These have been purchased over several years. I hope you enjoy.

Pros: This is bag is super functional. It dubs as a clutch as well (removable strap). I love it because the color goes with everything and it is the perfect grab and go if you have a few errands to run. The logo isn’t huge so it is perfectly understated and classy. The double zip adds a little something extra and makes it quite roomy. It fits a full size wallet and a few more odds and ends. The leather quality of MCM is top notch. 

Cons: Because I am a mom, it’s not roomy enough for my every day bag. I used it much more in the evenings when my husband and I use to go out more.

Louis Vuitton Speedy

Pros: So I am actually surprised at myself that this is only number four on my list. In my heart, this bag is #1.  I’ll talk more about why it isn’t in the cons. The size is perfect for anything (size 35). It is a day or evening bag, weekend or day trip. It really does it all. The Azur color is more carefree than I thought. Overall this bag is eye catching and stunning in person.

Cons: The style can be limiting. I usually gravitate towards a shoulder or crossbody strap. Therefor I don’t get to use it as much as I’d like. My lifestyle is very grab and go with two kids. That’s why it’s not higher up on my list. The price is also pretty steep for a canvas bag with the new price increases. Even though the color is more durable than it looks I still tend to baby it because of the vachetta. There are days when I want to take it out but don’t because it’s raining for example. 

Pros: Quality wise, it does not get much better than Prada. The durability of the nylon feels indestructible. I can tell that I will have this bag for many many years to come. The color is also beautiful. Because it is a crossbody with a ton of pockets, it’s ready for anything. I purchased it to use as a diaper bag. 

Cons: As stated above, I bought this bag as a diaper bag….pre-corona. Unfourtunatly we don’t go anywhere so there’s not a huge use for it. It would be great for trips with the kids. I hope to use it more in the future months to come. It's definitely made for day tripping and travel. 

Pros: This bag speaks for itself. It’s timeless, elegant and the most complimented handbag that I own. The leather still smells brand new and it’s a few years old. The quality is the best out of all of the handbags that I own. You can see the meticulous craftsmanship. I also love the size. It is mini but holds everything that I needed. 

Cons: I hate to have negatives about this one, but I do. It’s kind of hard to explain, but the shoulder strap detaches because there is an opening on the clip. So literally, there have been times when I go to put it on and it fell to the ground…

For it to be a mini bag it’s kind of clumsy. The square type shape hits things sometimes. Even though I have cons about his one I would never part with it. It’s my baby. The only bag that I literally got teary eyed when I unboxed  (lame, I know. But my handbag lovers understand)

Pros: This bag feels indestructible. I call it my workhorse. It’s my every day bag and I use it for every single thing in my life. It’s a diaper bag, errand bag, weekend bag, travel bag…It also ages beautifully. It’s close to 8 years old and you would not  believe it. I could talk about this one all day long. That’s why I know it’s number one. It was worth every single penny because of how much I wear it. This particular size and print is also in demand on the re-sell market if that's something you look at when buying handbags.

Cons: If I had to say something about the neverfull, it would be the fact that it doesn’t have a zip closure. Even still, that doesn’t bother me. I know that’s a common con to many ladies who own this so I wanted to mention that in case you’re interested in the investment. 

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