5 Ways to Battle Puffy Under Eyes

skincare under eyes

Under eye puffiness is an ongoing battle for me, especially since having 2 kids. I’ve found ways to help lessen the appearance and a routine that has actually given me noticeable results. Here are a few things that I include in my routine:


I notice that when I don’t drink as much water, the next day my under eyes are noticeably puffier. I don’t have the exact reasoning for this but I do know that dehydration is a factor in overall appearance especially around the eye area.


I found a new BFF and it’s a hot/cold eye mask. I apply it whenever I can whether that's before bed for a few minutes or when I wake up. The cold compress really lessens the swelling! 


So this one is interesting and debatable. I’ve actually heard from other ladies that they don’t find it necessary to apply eye cream if you have already have a good moisturizing routine. Honestly, I love the Advanced Night Repair Cream by Estee Lauder that I decided to try on a whim. It feels good around my eyes, it is brightening and I think with the combination of everything else, it helps! It's a step that I won't be skipping any time soon.


The newest part of my routine. I try to use a face roller right before bed after applying skincare. The cooling sensation and extra feeling of TLC is hard to beat.  I would highly recommend purchasing one as a easy way to wind down (use it right in bed!). Use it in the morning as well to combat puffiness.


This is an obvious one but arguably the hardest to accomplish for many adults. Making sleep a priority has many benefits even if that means a 20 min power nap while the kids nap. At night in my household is hit or miss depending on my youngest but I still try to catch up. 6-7 hours is a good night over here, and makes a noticeable difference in my overall appearance the next day.

I hope you guys found this helpful! Thanks so much for reading.

*I am not a medical professional and this is not medical advice. I'm just sharing what I love and hope it can help you in some way as well.

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