Spring/Summer Sandals- See by Chloe Flatform (Wedges) Mini Review


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I’ve officially owned these See by Chloe Flatforms for an entire season now so I feel like I can give a proper review. Here are a few highlights. Yes, they’re not in season at this moment but trust me, you will be so excited for these when spring rolls around.

Fit- they run true to size.

The most popular question that I received is if they are hard to walk in. Not at all! But let’s back up. They are a different feeling on the foot if this is your first time wearing a flatform. There is (clearly) no arch so that takes a little bit of adjusting to them. My answer stays the same though, they are not difficult to walk in and are actually quite comfortable. I wore them out with my kids and for a day of errands with no problem. Another added plus is that I did not have to break in.

Value-these shoe were seen on bloggers for years. I just purchased mine last year and they’re still one of my most complimented shoes. That says a lot about the value and quality. I will wear then season after season. The brand name speaks for itself. 

Cons- The soles are white which are quite attractive, but does require extra care. I use mild detergent to remove stains.

Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments! The link provided is through Liketoknow.it I will receive commission through items purchased. 

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