Flower Festival- OOTD and What I Ate


Spring summer dresses flowers

Dress/ Outfit Details linked here

We went on a day date to an amazing flower and garden festival. The weather was perfect and it was overall a great time. I thought it would be fun to show what I wore, ate and bought while there! 

Summer fair food

Fair festival food lemonade

Fair festival food

The food was ok (forgot to catch a photo of my fries). I’d rate the overall food experience a 7/10. I was really excited about the crab cake- it was good but we’re super spoiled with crabs here in Maryland and it just wasn’t a Maryland crab cake ;( 

My favorite was the fresh squeed lemonade; perfect on a warm day.

The beautiful flowers and plants made up for it-which is why we went. I found a gorgeous arrangement and it was fun to look at everything that the event had to offer. I wish we got around to the beer and wine garden but it ended up being way to hot for me to day drink. I’d have to agree- Virginia is for lovers. I spent most of the time enjoying the festival but here are a few more photos that I happened to take:

Fresh flower arrangement

Festival outfit idea

Beautiful flower arrangement

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