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9 Ways to Refresh Your Work From Home Mindset This New Year

small work desk here - Wake up early  Even if you are the most productive person at night, there's something fulfilling about having a morning routine down. Even if that's just sipping your coffee until you're fully awake. It gets you going. - Get dressed . There are different degrees of this depending on how you feel honestly, and that's ok! Getting dressed may mean simply brushing teeth washing your face one day to a full blown  ready  for an  office meeting type of look the next day. Just do something every day.  - Eat breakfast . They don't say that it's the most important meal of the day for no reason. It literally gets the brain juices flowing.  - Have a plan for the day . This can be the same overall routine but don't forget to add tasks for that specific day. I love writing to-do lists the night before. I also use my cell phone as a back up with alerts. I love my planner but to be honest sometimes I don't get to look at it eve

Top After Christmas Sales from Sephora

  Sale Picks Here We made it! It’s officially post Christmas. I hope you had an amazing one if you celebrate. Who else is ready to spend those gift cards? Here are a few sales at Sephora right now. I have to admit that I’m pretty impressed with what’s on sale right now and what is currently in stock! Here are a few picks from favorite brands. Have a great new year! This post contains affiliate links 

New Years Eve Party Decorations

Find Decorations Here New Years is right around the corner and how exciting is that? A fresh start and nothing but positive vibes going into this new year. We have a low key celebration at home with Chinese but we love decorating! I’ve rounded up a few fun NYE decor that will make a simple evening a home a little more festive. This decor is from last year but I still have everything included left over balloons! Have a fun and safe New Year celebration.    I am an Amazon and affiliate. I receive commission from items purchased. 

Easy and Simple Coffee

I love a good Starbucks drink here and there but there’s nothing like the ritual of making your favorite cup at home. This is a super easy recipe that I’m loving lately. It’s not sweet at all but when I feel like I need a little more, I add whipped cream. Here’s how to make it: -Start with your favorite iced or hot coffee (I use hot currently) -Froth half and half + add -Top with cinnamon  -Whipped cream on top is optional  I’m obsessing over all thing’s cinnamon this time of year. Cold weather = cinnamon everything in my brain. I hope you enjoy!   

Holiday Dresses from Amazon

  All dresses linked here   Just popping in to tell you that there’s still time to snag a pretty dress for that holiday party! Amazon has really upped their game with dresses this year. Here are a few of my picks.  I am an Amazon affiliate. Links clicked may lead to earned commission. 

Easy Date Night Outfit to Recreate

  Outfit Ideas:  here I love looking on Pinterest for outfit inspo! Even though I can usually pull together a look from there, for some reason I struggle with finding inspo for clothing pieces that I already have. If you’re struggling with the same, I hope this post helps. Here is a very easy outfit to recreate and what you need: What I'm Wearing Simple black wide leg trousers Checkered shacket  Satin corset top Pop of red heels Crossbody bag So here’s the thing- you don’t have to have the exact colors and pieces and here is why. Recreating an outfit is not about copying exactly what you see but rather breaking down the pieces. You can sub wide leg trousers for a more tailored pair Any long shacket or button top will do Don’t have a satin corset top? Don’t worry-throw on you favorite tank Add a pop of color with a pair of strappy heels that you have It’s fun to mix and match and play around with items in your closet already. That’s exactly what I did! Hope this helps x Check out th