5 Ways to Plan a Timeless Wedding- Celebrating 10 Years

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Wedding Ceremony 6-7-14

This year we are celebrating out 10 year wedding anniversary. I thought it would be fun to share a few tips on how to have a timeless wedding. This thought came up after looking back at our photos and thinking, a lot of the elements in our wedding looks like it could have happened today.

First, timeless is very opinion based. What we loved for our wedding may not be your style and that’s ok! I’ll get more into that later.

We got married, obviously, before the huge social media boom which probably played a large part in what feels timeless to me. This was before trends and the pushy feel to be perfect in photographs and videos. Here are a few tips that I have to steer away from that:

#1 Don’t go too trendy. Read and do your research carefully here. Fun, small details such as your shoes or napkin rings may be a better place to try trends rather than trendy wedding colors which is a large portion of your big day. Think of elements that you love and have not gone out of style yet. 

#2 Choose colors wisely. Any bride to be understands that colors for the day are huge. They are everywhere from invitations to the actual wedding (sometimes even honeymoon). Choose colors that are meaningful to you. Go with your gut on this one. You’ll be happy that you did years down the road. 

#3 Pay attention to detail. Looking back on photos, the glasses that we choose, centerpieces, jewelry, my husband’s boutonniere etc. all played an incredible role in how timeless the big day was. I’m glad that I chose to handpick every single myself. It made looking back on our big day rememberable and timeless in my eyes. These elegant details also photographed really well! Leading into the next tip.

#4 Photos matter. This goes along with #3. Small details, colors, location play a huge role in how the photos turn out. Overall, aesthetics does matter in how timeless and elegant your photos turn out. It’s something special to think about and look back on. Make sure things tie together nicely. Take photos while you’re choosing details to see how they look. Photos and memories are what we have to remember the special day.

#5 Have fun and make it about YOU and your significant other. I can’t express enough how important it is to go with what you love and use your own thoughts and opinions during planning. Steer away from using social media as a large potion to base your special day off. Also, remember to plan moments that you'll remember in a special way such as champagne toast, first dance etc. Remember timeless is a feeling, and only you will be able to reflect back and say WOW, what special day. 

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Details: bouquet and outside ceremony chair covers

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Moments: intimate ceremony-wedding party speeches 

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outdoor wedding ceremony
Moments: outside bouquet toss

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