Date Night Beauty- Spring and Summer Makeup Updates

Spring summer makeup
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A few current favorites and honest thoughts. (Most) of these products work really well. 

CT setting spray is worth the hype especially as the weather begins to warm up. I read that you’re supposed to use it before applying makeup and as you go for mac results. It doesn’t not irritate my sensitive acne prone skin which is an added plus. She is pricey! I would go with the travel size to try it out. There are often beauty kits with minis that are a pretty good price as well. 

I have to be transparent about the Kosas Nano brow pencil though. The tip fell out on me after using once! I was super bummed because it works SO well and the precision is incredible. I plan on giving it another try though. Is it just a cute hype product or was mine a fluke? I'll keep you updated. 

Rare Beauty had stunning products and their new blush is not an exception. I would say to shop during sales to get the best bang for your buck with this one. 

*Some of these products were gifted. This post also contains affiliate links. 


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