How I Plan to Read More This Month

I will be the first to admit that I am not an avid reader. Gosh, I wish that I was. Reading has so many benefits. I will write for days but reading is like pulling teeth. When I was in college I barely skimmed through the material; hoping that I would pick up whatever it was that I needed to know for the exam. In March I plan to try my hardest to get through one book. One book may be nothing for some people but for me this will be a challenge. First, I cannot sit still for very long periods. I've always been like this even before I had my daughter Alora. Now sitting still is not really an option while chasing her down. So finding time is a factor. Another factor that I've found that poses a challenge is finding a genre that I enjoy. This will be a journey that I know will not happen over night, but I've come up with a game plan to help me get started in March.

This month I will be reading How to Be an Overnight Success by Maria Hatzistefanis. Look at the cover. It appeals to a wide variety of people. It's super chic and eye catching. I know that you should never judge a book by its cover (pun intended), but for this purpose to get started it helps. The title also speaks to me. Obviously no one is an "over night success" (I've already the free iBooks sample), but isn't everyones goal in life to be successful? Reading other people's stories is inspiring and a good learning tool. As briefly noted before, I purchased the iBooks version. This will hopeful make it easier to read on the go which is my primary plan. When I'm out on my weekly coffee shop venture and don't remember to grab the paper version I'll always have my phone, laptop or iPad. I can also get a few pages in while the baby is asleep. Even if it is dark.  Finally, the digital copy was only like $1.99 so there's basically no loss if I find that this book is not for me. I can continue on to the next.

I hope this gives anyone who can relate some inspo to pick up a book this month. It is a journey of trial and error, but hopefully we will get into the rhythm! Let me know any book suggestions that you have or how you get through that one book. Have a great week.

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