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Valentines Day Gift Guide for Men + Children

Happy Monday everyone! This week I complied a Valentine's Day gift guide for the men and children in your life. It's a time that I really like to think outside of the box and gift the unexpected. Valentine's Day can be fun for everyone, filled with family and love.   For  the Man in Your Life ➸ A gift card for this favorite "thing." This seems like a no brainer but when was the last time you actually listened to his story about his xbox game? You can show that you really do care with something like a Microsoft Xbox gift card. Plus he can use it for movies, music and more. So he's not a gamer? Try his favorite activity to do (go to the movies, bowling etc.)  Xbox Giftcard  ,   Amazon Gift Card ,  Fandango Gift Card ➸ A chic razor. As women we love to pamper ourselves with the best beauty, skincare, you name it. Let's take care of the guys this holiday. A razor set would be something unexpected and useful at the same time. There are some v

The Casual Women’s Every Day Essentials

Happy Monday! Today's post is all about fashion essentials. I live a causal lifestyle and my sense of style reflects that. I am pretty much always on the go so I need my staple pieces that I can count on and run out of the door. At the same time I love feeling and looking put together. I like that extra accessory to elevate my outfit just a bit. I have complied a list of both clothing and accessories for the busy stay at home mom or working women on the weekends (and everyone in between). I hope you enjoy my picks! The Tee I love a good t-shirt. It is my #1 go to item. During the winter I tend to gravitate toward long sleeved crew necks. Because t-shirts are rather, well, basic I look for a subtle twist. A cut out in the shoulders, ruching detail or a luxurious fabric are all great options. Solid colors such as navy, gray and black go with absolutely everything. A good tee can be dressed up or down with adding or taking away accessories. Patterned Scarf A scarf will com

My Top 5 Nail Polish Colors of 2017

Hi everyone and welcome back! If you follow me on Instagram then you already know that I am a huge fan of nail polish. I love painting my nails as well as getting an occasional manicure. Nail polish can be unique. Maybe you've worn a shade that reminds you of a special occasion. You may also have a polish that you love to wear during your favorite season. I have compiled a list of my top 5 nail polish colors of 2017. I put this list together based on the amount of likes on my Instagram feed. Most of the colors are still available. If they are not then I have noted similar shades in the description. Let's take a look! 1.) Essie- Sand Tropez I've worn this polish so many times for special occasions. It's also my go to for a quick mani whenever I can squeeze one in. It looks great with just one coat and you can't see chips right away. I also like that this is one of colors that is available to purchase season after season AND you can wear it during any season. I o

5 Christmas Gifts That Will Help Ease You Into 2018

Welcome to The Kelley Log! I am so excited to share my thoughts, lifestyle and a bit of fashion content with you. My very first blog post is about five Christmas gifts that have helped ease me into the rush of 2018. When I say rush I mean recovering from the holidays, the constant thoughts of goal setting, and being a mother overall (which is exhausting in itself). I have used these items multiple times a week and they are useful enough to incorporate into a busy lifestyle. 1.) Kikkerland Copper Head Massager I'm not sure if I am late to this bandwagon or what, but boy was I missing out. This guy is a great way for me to get that few minutes (or seconds) of TLC whenever and wherever I can. It's also under $5! 2.) TWELEVE NYC Snooze Eye Mask So I am a big believer in nap when baby naps. During the day this soft eye mask gets me snoozing in no time. It's also pink. Enough said. 3.) Sparrow & Wren Emoji Mug When I discovered these emoji mugs it was game